About the Clean Green Steam CROWD FUND.
The second stage of major works on Paddle Steamer Curlip have been designed to ensure the vessel’s viability as an autonomous and sustainable tourism venture in her new area of operations, The Gippsland Lakes.

The modifications are to afford the vessel autonomy of operations and to ensure the safety and comfortable amenity for passengers in this changed and variable marine operating environment.

The new CLEAN GREEN STEAM concept - a traditional paddle steamer that does not utilise wood fired boilers, replaced with low consumption, fuel efficient diesel.

A vessel that regenerates and creates it’s own 500 litres per hour water consumption via reverse osmosis water makers and a steam reticulating condenser plant, a vessel that utilises it massive roof awning with a 100 square metre, visually pleasing solar panel array. Connected to a large 48 volt battery bank for conversion to 240 volt power to run the vessel house, lighting, refrigeration and electric induction, catering systems and audio visual equipment...

We are also evaluating a compact wind turbine and a hydro electric generator powered off the water wheels to complete the full circle of renewable power generation onboard Paddle Steamer Curlip. There will be no other demonstration facility in Australia, that will be able to teach and educate in an interpretive learning environment the full gamut of renewable power generation.

Paddle Steamer Curlip will be a vessel that will be used to teach, train, educate and entertain the greater community on the beneficial aspects of Biodiversity and our unique river and lake systems and how to utilise clean green renewable and sustainable energy.

There is no direct competition for this unique tourism venture, anywhere on the Gippsland Lakes.

There is no comparison in Victoria or throughout Australia.

Our tours will attract school groups, educational institutions, community groups and others, who will participate in Clean Green, Sustainable and Renewable tourism across the Gippsland Lakes, a part of the world significant Ramsar Wetlands.

We will teach, train and entertain our visitors both domestic and international on the unique biodiversity of our region, the unique waterbirds, marine mammals and much more. We will provide personal water quality testing kits for involvement in citizen science.
By definition it will attract a different and distinct tourist potential, that covers a broad spread of demographics, it will not compete with existing vessel / based tourism operators, located in their different and defined geographical areas of business, within The Gippsland Lakes.

Detailed costings Clean Green Steam

Off grid Marine Solar system, 100sqm solar roof, battery banks, inverters and smart chargers $48,000.

Steam Condenser Plant $12,000

Reverse Osmosis dual 240 volt fresh water making plant $9,000

Electrical wiring, switching and installation $9,000

Engineering Plumbing $8,000

Galley cookers $6,000

Refrigeration $6,500

Galley fitout,Induction cook tops, deep fryer, compressor refrigeration, construction and wiring $15,000

Professional boat builders - Shipwrights - Construction, external and internal modification to the vessel to house solar system, Audio Visual and learning systems. (see detailed costing) $35,000

Curlip_sun wind water bef aft.jpg