Paddle Steamer Curlip's Call for Help

Well, it's almost time for Paddle Steamer Curlip to be lifted out of the water, onto her new hardstand at Squatters Row, Slip Road Paynesville. We will confirm the day, next week, that will see the Rivex cranes, provided by Dallas Within and members of our group place her onto her wooden supports and steel upright supports.

We will then be in a position to co-ordinate our volunteer helpers into work groups to start our rebuilding program.

I will leave you to ponder, the quote on the graphic below .... we cannot guarantee a happy life on the immense ocean, but we certainly can offer you a fantastic rebuild project to be involved with on PS Curlip. We promise we just won't get you to collect wood.

Please go to our members page on the website and send us an email on the form outlining your wish to give us a hand. You don't have to become a member, but we would really appreciate it if you could.