Paddle Steamer Curlip lifted from water today.

The Paddle Steamer Curlip was lifted clear of the water today, with the help of her committed committee of management led by Gary Plumley, Peter Medling, Robert Young, Grant Ottaway and Tony Dodson. The team were ably supported by the many volunteers of Friends of Curlip, who assisted. Thanks to Dallas Within and his team from Rivex Cranes and the team from Boom Cranes, you are true professionals, a dual crane lift, co ordinated to swing more than 50 tonnes of Paddle Steamer onto her new home for the next 6 months.

Tomorrow we erect 140 metres of Cyclone wire fencing and gates around her donated by Ross Heath. The hard work will begin as we start to remove her underwater planking to replace her hull, attacked by Teredo Naval Worms.

We need your help to raise more than $260,000.00 to rebuild her hull, she is an asset of the people of East Gippsland and should be preserved for future generations of Australians and visitors from all over the world who will get to ride on her once we have completed the works.

Please visit to volunteer, donate, join, or become a sponsor. Thank you.