Planning program for Paddle Steamer Curlip

With The New Year well under way, the board of management, volunteers and Friends of Curlip, have had a well earned break. Most of our board and many members of our sister organisation the Gippsland Lakes Classic Boat Club have been on the bi annual pilgrimage to the Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart.

Our members and supporters have returned with recharged batteries and lots of wonderful ideas for Paddle Steamer Curlip. 

Curlip has now been on the hard stand at Squatters Row Paynesville, since December 22. The time spent has been a period of evaluation, allowing her hull timbers to dry out. The Teredo Navalis, or marine shipworm infestation, has now been eradicated during this drying out process. A combination of fresh water flushing and the hot weather has killed all worm evidence.

We have formed two working group committees, one for the evaluation and best practices for the repair of the hull. This committee is comprised of James Frecheville, Tim Heaney, Robert Young, Bill Jones and co ordinated by Gary Plumley, Chairman P.S.Curlip Inc. We have started the process of the options and methods of re construction and repairs and will work in conjunction with accredited marine surveyors and the national controller AMSA to ensure that best practices are upheld and observed. Suitably qualified and keen members are welcome.

The second committee will be our fund raising committee. We are inviting any members of our 2 associations, P.S.Curlip Inc and GLCBC who may be interested to join this committee. Any members of the East Gippsland Public, other clubs or associations who may be able to help with fund raising, crowd funding or government grant application skills will be made most welcome.

Last year was a massive year for, planning, co ordination and gaining approvals to move Paddle Steamer Curlip to the Gippsland Lakes, this year we are faced with multiple challenges that will require the cohesive, well planned working together of many community minded people, to return Paddle Steamer Curlip to her former glory.

If you would like to help in any way and believe you can make a contribution, please email Paddle Steamer Inc Chairman, Gary Plumley ....

We must all remember that this remarkable vessel is an asset of all of the people of East Gippsland. Once back in service any surplus funds will be re generated into assisting other community projects and causes. She will become a very positive and important community contributor...with your help. THANK YOU.

Paddle Steamer Curlip on her leased hard stand at Squatters Row, Slip Road, Paynesville.

Paddle Steamer Curlip on her leased hard stand at Squatters Row, Slip Road, Paynesville.