Strategic Partners are so important to P.S.Curlip Inc. With their advice, governance and assistance, we can rebuild and operate Paddle Steamer Curlip, as the premier tourist attraction on the Gippsland Lakes and surrounding river systems. 

P.S.Curlip Inc are the appointed custodians of the Paddle Steamer Curlip. She was conceived, built and operated as an asset of the people of East Gippsland. As such, we are all her owners, she is truly a vessel for the people. The board of management of P.S.Curlip Inc are very aware of our responsibility, we are chartered with her management, maintenance, governance and safe operation.

To achieve this end we rely on the skill, advices and assistance of the following partners, we could not operate this beautiful vessel without your ongoing assistance and support.

In our CAUSE TO rebuild and relocate Paddle Steamer Curlip, We have received no financial assistance or grants from any institution or government department, local, state or federal. All P.S.Curlip Inc fund raising has been conceived, created and co-ordinated by our committee of 8 volunteers, supported by ordinary, local people and community bank who care about community and the need to get behind and support a worthy cause.

It is early days in our voyage to rebuild Paddle Steamer Curlip. We understand how important funding and cash flow is, we also understand that cash flow is the life blood of any venture. The board of management of P.S.Curlip Inc, would like to sit down and meet with anyone interested in becoming a partner or sponsor and discuss how we can work together for our mutual benefit, with strategic marketing opportunities or with the application for available grants. 
Please consider and send us an expression of interest on the form below.
To those partners who have found a way to assist our cause, we thank you, you are

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If you would like to partner with us, to provide advice and assistance in available grants or strategic relationship opportunities, please fill out the form below and our Chairman Gary Plumley will get back to you.

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