The 2017 committee of management of P.S.Curlip Inc, have two major initiatives to Crowd Fund and build, before we can return P.S.Curlip to the water. The two distinct, Paddle Steamer Curlip fund raising projects are...

Help us Save the Paddle Steamer Curlip.

Our first and most urgent requirement is to repair the below the waterline hull timbers on Paddle Steamer Curlip. The Australian Blue Gum Timber Planks have been attacked by the Teredo Worm (Teredo Navalis, the Naval Shipworm). The worms, now eradicated and removed have affected sections of the hull of the vessel. The structural integrity of the hull planks have not been compromised and the holes are being repaired and filled.

This attack on the vessel happened as a consequence of the inability of the vessel to gain access to a slipway at Lakes Entrance. A combination of incumbent management issues, compounded by low tides and drought, and non issue of vessel transport permits for the ocean voyage committed the vessel to remain moored in the Snowy River Estuary and Brodribb Rivers for too long. Without a fresh anti foul barrier on her hull, the Teredo Worms, attached to the end grain timbers and bored a number of holes along sections of the hull timbers. It is likely this infestation would not have happened with modern antifoul coatings, however, given the unique conditions that were prevalent, along the banks of her mooring on the Brodribb River at Marlo, this attack and infestation may still have occurred.

To ensure that the vessel enjoys a long and safe life, we intend to replace her traditional blue gum timbers below the waterline with new Yellow Stringy Bark planking, the new hull, properly prepared and anti fouled on a regular basis, will be Teredo worm resistant.

The works to replace the hull timbers are quoted by a number of highly qualified Shipwrights and Wooden Boat Builders, are now finalised at $85,000.00. This project can be completed in six to eight months with successful Fund Raising and Crowd Funding.
Additional work will be supplemented by our semi skilled volunteer work force, who will assist with removal and refitting works, this work will save us nearly $50,000.00, not included in the above.

We have already raised a further $35,000 to reduce the above estimate ( February to June 2018) with the very generous support from our local community. Were have sold 125 of our 150 new planks at $150.00 each as "commemorative time capsules" that will carry a plaque fitted on the inside of the hull. Our Community Trivia Night on June 2, 2018 has raised a further $14,000.00. With the "extra ordinary generosity of ordinary people" we will return the People's Paddle Steamer to the water, so that she can become a permanent fund raiser,for those in need in our community.  She is also about to become an employment and training vessel, for our long term unemployed, via work for the dole and community hub, for our retired community members who gain great satisfaction from theirinbvolvement in this project for the people.

If you would like to donate to our Paddle Steamer Curlip re build project, simply click on the link below. WE NEED YOUR HELP.


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Clean Green Steam Renewable Energy project.

 The second project we need to undertake is also of great significance. Whilst, Paddle Steamer Curlip is modern in her approach to traditional paddle steamers. She does not have a wood fired boiler to generate steam. Her 11’ (3.3m) paddle wheels are chain driven on a four to one ratio by a twin cylinder steam engine, powered by an electric fire tube boiler. Her auxiliary diesel engine is only 40hp and uses very little diesel fuel per hour. 

We intend to honour her heritage as a vessel that was created with the closure of a traditional timber industry to make way for vast tracts of National Parks.

We believe that an iconic historical vessel, whose origins were created as a result of the significant change needed to protect our wilderness is the perfect platform to educate our population both young and old on the importance of sustainability and renewable energy.

Many people never get to experience first hand, the savings that can be made, by changing our approach to the way we live and operate on a daily basis.

By installing a large steam condenser to recapture the steam emitted from her steam stack, and installing a reverse osmosis water making plant, that will be visible onboard. We will be able to save 500 litres of clean tap water for every hour of operation of Paddle Steamer Curlip.

By utilising our large flat roof awning we will be able to install nearly 100 square metres of slim line solar panels, capturing the sun's energy and thus stored in a large storage bank of batteries. When taken through inverters we will be able to completely power the vessels electric requirements including all lighting, refrigeration and an induction equipped electric commercial catering kitchen / galley.

Our new area of operation for Paddle Steamer Curlip is located within a world significant Ramsar Wetland. The Mitchell River Delta and many parts of the Gippsland Lakes are home to many unique species of plants, birds and marine mammals that make up the rich Biodiversity of our region.

We will install an interpretative learning facility on board Paddle Steamer Curlip, with audio visual and static displays to help inform our guests on the importance of sustainability and environmental protection. The twist will be that the learning and informative tourism process is delivered on a vessel platform that for all intents and purposes has been transformed from the 18th century.

The perfect time to install this sophisticated system is during the out of water repair works to repair the hull timber on Paddle Steamer Curlip. However with planning the works can happen on water.

This project to design and install our clean green steam approach will cost $145,000.00.

If you would like to donate to our Paddle Steamer Curlip Renewable and Sustainable Energy system, simply click on the link below